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The Abbagadassett Foundation is a small, private family foundation interested in funding internship programs at nonprofit organizations (501c3).  The mission statement of the foundation is:


The Abbagadassett Foundation, Inc., supports organizations or institutions that will increase the educational or scientific opportunities for people or communities in need. While the focus of the Foundation may be on organizations within the state of Maine, it is not limited by state or national boundaries.

The Abbagadassett Foundation provides funds for non-profit organizations to facilitate student participation in enhanced educational opportunities via internships or other in-depth learning opportunities. We encourage organizations to use our grants to develop or expand internship availability and support students who might not be able to take advantage of advanced programs because of socioeconomic barriers. 

We believe that expanded research and training opportunities for high school and college students provide them with an important means to further their knowledge and experience in a chosen field of study while enhancing an organization's overall impact and effectiveness in its respective field of service. 

Our internships and other in-depth learning opportunities provide:

  • educational and training opportunities

  • meaningful, practical work

  • development of new skills

  • career exploration

  • workforce mentoring

Our Vision


Through the Foundation’s philanthropy, selected organizations or institutions will be able to increase their support for people or communities in need.

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